Edmonton Comic Book Expo

The Edmonton Comic Expo is an annual event celebrating all aspects of pop culture. With guest speakers, panels, celebrities and plenty of fun activities, the show is always full of stuff to do.

The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo provides a place for fans from every corner of the nerd universe to gather and celebrate what makes them geeky in a positive, safe, and elevating environment – science fiction, comic books, film, television, horror, fantasy, animation, pop culture, and so much more! The show takes place at the beginning of October at Northlands in Edmonton.

For the past number of years, NALUG has put on displays at the Edmonton Expo covering every area of pop-culture. We never get tired of converting popular figures, franchises or fantasies into bricks and look forward to many more shows in the future! With everything from Star Wars to Star Trek to Superheroes, we're always happy to let our inner geek out at the Expo.

EXPO 2023

NALUG had another display at Edmonton's Comic EXPO this year. Over 30,000 people passed by our display, which was located in a more visible central location in the expansive event facility. NALUG's display was compact and it featured custom models fram various themes/genres, including Classic Space, Pokemon, Star Trek, Stargate, Homeworld and much more!

EXPO 2022

NALUG had a great time at EXPO this year. This years' display was bigger and better than before, featuring Pokemon, Star Trek, Stargate, Harry Potter and so much more! Expo attendees came out in droves and we had tons of fun interacting with everyone who stopped by.

This year's display featured multiple fair rides, an incredible city layout, elves, fairies and much more!

EXPO 2019

NALUG had another excellent time at the Edmonton Comic Expo this year. From Star Trek to Star Wars, to Pokemon, we had a display full of characters from across the pop-culture spectrum. Thanks to everyone who came out to our display. We hope to see you next year!

EXPO 2018

Another year, another Edomton expo come and gone. We had a fantastic show this year covering all sorts of pop-culture topics including Minecraft, Overwatch, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon and more! Take a look through the photos in our full gallery!

EXPO 2017

NALUG had another fantastic display at the Edmonton Comic Expo this year. Featuring everything from Star Wars to Super Heroes, we had the opportunity to capture the many different facets of pop-culture in our favourite plastic bricks. We had a great time interacting with the tens of thousands of visitors that passed through the convention hall over the weekend and look forward to being back next year! Check out the pictures below and if you want to see more, head over to our full gallery!

EXPO 2016

We had a great time this year at the Edmonton Comic Expo! This year we featured an extended hoth scene with the Ron's 120 pund A6 juggernaut rolling into battle along with another scene based on the upcoming Rogue One movie. Along with those centerpieces, we had plenty of geekiness to go around from Battlestar Galactica, Minecraft, Overwatch, Starcraft, Avatar the last airbender and more! Some of the members of NALUG  also had the opportunity to speak at a panel about our LEGO hobby to the general public. All in all it was a great show and we hope to be back next year.

EXPO 2015

NALUG returned once again this year to the Edmonton Comic and Pop Culture show joining world renowned guest such as Stan Lee and Jenna Coleman for a fun filled weekend of geekiness with a bit of Lego thrown in. Our hoth display was expanded this year, with a new AT-AT dominating the snowscape of Hoth and the sister display of the Jakku scrapyard from the new Star Wars movie was a hit as well. With a couple other spaceships in there from Battlestar Galactica to Firefly along with the ever-popular "where's waldo" display athe entire show was a great success (and we actually succeeded in not completely blocking a hallway thanks to our new location). Over the course of the weekend some of our members also participated in a short panel discussion entitled "The brick Strikes Back: Coming Out of Your Dark Ages", which we'll have a video of up shortly.

EXPO 2014

This year, NALUG had the amazing opportunity to run a display at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. We had a blast throughout the weekend interacting with some of the 46,000 visitors that came out to the Expo throughout the weekend and saw many jaws drop as they passed by our display. As this was our first time displaying at the Expo, we didn't know quite what to bring and decided upon bringing a little bit of everything. Our display featured a massive Lego city populated with countless iconic pop-culture icons, a Laketown display from the Hobbit movies featuring a terrifying dragon, some sci fi as well as a two-tiered Star Wars Hoth dispay with custom-built minifigure-scale AT-AT's. On top of that, we also had a Battlestar Galactica from the original series built by one of our members, and a Lego Viper signed by Dirk Benedict, Starbuck from the original 80's series. While the weekend passed in a flurry of activity, it was one that we'll gladly (and hopefully) have the chance to be a part of again. See you next September!